Fair, and Honest Prices.

Our goal isn't to rip you off, take a look at our affordable service prices.

Virtual Diagnostics

$0 forever

Our virtual diagnostics service will always be free. As a commitment to our customers, we want to make sure that you know what is going on with your device. We only request further diagnostics if absolutely necessary.

Further Diagnostics


If we can't figure out the issue virtually, we will request to see your device for further diagnostics. After inspection, we'll promptly give you the results and recommend our repair service if needed.

Computer Repair


At the most affordable price in the Puget Sound, we offer quality computer repair. Our flat fee makes it easy to understand what you are paying for labor. Every service comes with free cleaning, and optimization to get your device running like new.

*Cost of parts not included in price

Console Repair


Let's get your head back in the game. At the lowest price offered by any of our competitors we will fix your gaming console so you can get back to playing your favorite game.

*Cost of parts not included in price

Custom Builds

Starting at $499

Ready for your sick gaming PC? We offer prebuilt options starting at $499. If you're looking for more power or something custom, you can request that we build a PC according to the specs that you'd like. If you don't know anything about specs don't worry! We can help with that too.

*Custom build labor $99-199/build

Virus/Malware Removal 


Did you accidentally download an uh-oh? Let's fix that! Viruses and malware are extremely common, and can be a nuisance to anyone who is just simply trying to use their device. Again, we offer our famous flat fee making pricing simple for you. We guarantee to do a full removal, and optimization to get your device running like new!

Windows Install

Starting at $49.99

Looking to start fresh? We can quickly install a fresh licensed copy of Windows 10, or 11 for you.


$120/year per device

Looking for extended protection of your device? For the low price of  $120/year per device we offer extended protection, meaning ALL repair service costs are covered for up to 12 services a year.

*Cost of parts not included in price
**Also available in a monthly package of $20/month per device, one service per month limit.

Our prices are guaranteed.

Our prices are, meaning there will be no additional fees tacked onto your bill, and everything you are being charged for we keep upfront and honest. Our parts are sourced and ordered at wholesale prices, maximizing the savings for you.

Pricing FAQ

  • Is a warranty included in the price?
    Yes! We offer a free 30 day warranty with all of our services. If our services don't meet your expectations we will do whatever we can to make it right! You can purchase additional warranty packages starting at $10/month or $100/year.
  • How do I get my device in for servicing?
    Collyn's Computers does not have a store location, but we will provide a drop off or shipping location for your device depending on how you'd like to transport it. Additionally we can come pick up your device for a small fee of $2/mile.
  • What if I need my device rushed?
    If your device needs to be fixed within the same day, don't worry! If we have the available capacity to get it done same day, we'll do that at no extra charge. If we are busy an additional $20 rush fee will apply. Keep in mind, most devices will be fixed within one day in most cases. If parts are required to be shipped, repair times can take up to 1-2 weeks.

    What happens if my device can't be fixed?

    Unfortunately situations like this can arise. With how quickly technology moves, it isn't always a viable option to repair the device, or sometimes the repair cost outweighs the price of purchasing a new device. In this case we are always here to help you pick or build a new device.


Collyn's Computers offers the most affordable and quality IT services in the Puget Sound. Give us a call or text today!